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    When we first launched DomaHub, our focus was on providing an interface for renting out domain names (you may remember this earlier thread on Namepros). We were convinced that we could provide a useful service for domainers. However, the plan proved much more difficult to execute than we had previously believed and we consequently decided to go back to the drawing board.

    We wanted to create a product that would be beneficial to domainers - something that could ease or improve their ability to sell domains. Thus, we ended up with today's version of DomaHub, a web application for creating simple, clean sales/landing pages for your domains. For those who were/are interested in domain rentals, don't worry, we still have that feature included.

    DomaHub is designed to help boost your domain's online presence with minimum buyer-to-seller friction. You can instantly turn your domain into a robust storefront - handling transactions with potential customers directly through your domain with your own branding and design.

    Some of our features include:
    • Verified offer forms (phone # and email)
    • Fully managed payments
    • Custom page designs
    • Custom email branding
    • SSL certificate for your domain (HTTPS)
    • Traffic information for each domain
    • And more!!!
    You can read more about our features on our website.

    Our product is still growing and we hope to include as many useful features as possible. We would greatly appreciate any feedback during this time as we continue to make improvements that will be beneficial to domainers like yourselves.

    We suggest getting started with a handful (1-10) of domains to get a feel for the product.

    Leave any questions, feedback, suggestions, or comments here or contact us. If there is any feature or lackthereof that is preventing you from trying out DomaHub, please let us know! We are an agile team and can implement necessary features quickly!

    Some screenshots:
    Basic Listing:

    Premium Listing:
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