Does trademark work in multiple countries?

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    I am thinking of registering a domain.

    .com/.net/.ru are registered for a Russian company internet site which claims trademark of (Company) LTD. I was unable to find the trademark (although I may not have searched the correct Russian site). There definitely is not a US trademark.

    Do they have jurisdiction in the US? My plan was to park the domain for a few months until I have time to develop a small site.

    I'll probably trash my idea for that domain, but wanted to know. Thank you.
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    Trademarks (TM) are country-specific. Despite that, TM holders can enforce their rights via an administrative process called Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy --- even if domain registrants are in other countries.

    Under limited and specific circumstances, though.

    Bear in mind, however, that trademarks establish thru use rather than registration. Thus, that Russian company might enforce their TM rights via that process I mentioned earlier if they see fit. TM registration (depending on its country's laws) can make proving such rights easier.

    Ultimately, what you ask probably depends how protective that company is of their TM rights.
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    Russia is a member of the Madrid system which is used to secure TMs across multiple jurisdictions.

    If you find the TM in that database your risk increases significantly, imho.

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