Do you charge your friends: end-user, reseller, or at cost pricing?

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Do you charge your friends?

  1. End-user pricing

  2. Reseller pricing

  3. At cost pricing

  4. I don't charge my friends (period.)

  5. Other

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  1. Grilled

    Grilled khjasdhkfdhdskfhhukdfshkj VIP

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    Time = money

    What makes somebody else's time worth more or less than your time? Is it that they value their time more, or that you value your time less? Are there reasons why one might value their time, and why one wouldn't find value in their time?

    (imo) Friendship > money

    How do y'all handle situations where a friend either: (a) wants you to acquire a domain for them (b) wants to acquire one of your domains. (c) other - a friend needs a few hours of your time and expertise.

    Sure, it may depend on the level of friend they are, so you could break your answer down accordingly.

    Some might argue:

    Favors > money

    Thus, the price will be dependent not what you can do for them, but what they can or can't do for you.

    But should real friendship be quid pro quo?

    Or deals be varying based one on ones resources?

    So many intangibles, I know, for this to be a straight answer, such as offers on the domain, or if you can get more for the domain on the reseller market than what you paid for it. At which point, do you charge your friend your purchase price (not making anything beyond what you paid because they're a friend) or do you charge them a fair reseller price, so you get the liquid worth? And if you're willing to do that, would you be willing to charge reseller price for a domain you over paid for? Or is that friend taking advantage of you by having you take the loss instead of waiting out for a higher offer? Vice versa, would you be taking advantage of them for selling it to them more than they would get on the reseller market?

    Does it matter if you could buy a similar domain for the reseller price you sold it to your friend for, thus adding a new avenue for you to make up the loss of price paid and price selling to a friend?

    As usually, this is largely dependent on ones situation.

    Just curious as to how everyone here handles business with friendship.

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  2. hawkeye

    hawkeye Top Member PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    As we're friends, and they trust me and my long time domaining knowledge, I ram it to them and gouge them for as much as possible. It's their fault for not watching X-Files where it's stressed - "Trust No One!!" :xf.wink::-P
  3. mr-x

    mr-x Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Had a "friend" call me to buy a geo business name. Gave him the friend price, told him I'd do a simple website for a few hundred more.

    Turns out my friend was fronting for someone who tried to buy the domain but didn't like the price. Now the buyer is complaining because my schedule isn't what he expected. Now he's on the when I have time schedule.

    As hawkeye said, trust no-one.
  4. wwwulff

    wwwulff Top Contributor VIP

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  5. Grilled

    Grilled khjasdhkfdhdskfhhukdfshkj VIP

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    For me, if it's not reciprocal, it could throw off the balance and harmony of our relationship.

    Nobody wants to be take advantage of.

    Nor do I think true friends want to take advantage of their friends.

    Fairly defining and expressively communicating the feeling of, or reasons why one may feel they are being taken advantage of may help any friendly disputes. Thus giving both parties a chance to explain their positions and possibly come to an amicable resolution. Sometimes though, the question remains, would it have been better left unsaid?

    Alternatively, miscommunication and bottled up excess emotion, can fuel a different narrative.
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  6. mr-x

    mr-x Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Some friends are better than others.
  7. YairDD

    YairDD Top Contributor VIP

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    I'm a Jew, of course a end-user price.

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