Do not use - FRAUD/SCAM

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I've transferred about 100 of my names to because they had decent pricing. They gladly took my money for the transfers, renewals, etc. Then one day, they disabled my account for "fraudulent activity". Never specifying what it was, but hinting it was regarding the payment. They asked for documents that even a bank wouldn't ask for! I provided the documents 4 times, reached out to support 25 times, with zero results. This has been going on for two months now! They keep on saying they will pass it down to admins. Admins seem non-existent. Everyone is spinning me in circles. Check any of their recent reviews, customers are having the same problems. What do you call it when someone takes your money and fails to provide you services that you have paid for? A fraud. A scam. And that's what HostGator is.

Additionally, even before my account was disabled, managing domain names in was a nightmare! So no matter what the price is, don't use them.

Hopefully this saves at least one domainer from using their services.
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