Do NameJet and SnapNames Have to Deliver Won Domains Upon Payment?

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  1. Arca

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    I have won expired domains at both SnapName and NameJet that weren’t delivered to me.

    Both companies say they have no responsibility to deliver won domains. What do others do if the registrar where you win a domain doesn’t push the domain to your pre-existing account or provide you the domain account access link/username password, and doesn’t respond to requests to be sent this information?

    Some domains have been moved into my ownership in terms of WHOIS, but I have not been provided access to the account where the domain is, so there is no way for me to transfer out/renew the domain. So they end up expiring. Other won domains are in a holding account under the registrar's ownership and just stay there without being transferred to me.

    I continue to face this issue with both NameJet and SnapNames from time to time. Some domains I never manage to take ownership of, and they expire before I get access to them, so the $XXX spent in auction is wasted.

    Both NameJet and SnapNames say they have no responsibility to make sure won domains are delivered to me. They say the winner of an auction is responsible for ensuring that their expired domains partner registrar delivers the domain to them. They do try to send 1-2 emails to the registrar if you notify support of not receiving the domain you won and paid for, but if the registrar still doesn't give you the domain, NJ/SN say you're on your own. They reject refund requests in these instances so you end up losing the money spent in the auction.

    How do other NJ/SN users deal with these situations? I assume that when a domain is under the registrar’s ownership/holding account that, and they don’t willingly transfer the won domain to me, that I don’t have any recourse to taking ownership of the domain I paid for.

    But in situations where the domain is under my ownership as per WHOIS, but I’m not given access to the account, I assume there should be some options available. Are there any ICANN procedures I can use to force a transfer out in these instances?

    I've been considering this issue part of the "cost of doing business" with NameJet and SnapNames aka web.com, though it's still annoying to waste $XXX-$XXXX a year on domains you never receive. Any input on how to salvage such undelivered domains would be appreciated.
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  2. anantj

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    How do you just "let-go" of these domains or what you paid for them? How can SN/NJ just absolve themselves of such responsibility? I'm not a lawyer but from what I can see, I'm dealing exclusively with SN/NJ. The payment goes to them, the invoice is generated by them and hence the legal agreement and dealing is with them. How they react if a buyer does not pay for an expired domain? This is complete BS on their part and I'm not sure why they are or should be allowed to get away with this?

    Personally I'd never let it go. The first time they pull such a stunt, I'd immediately file a chargeback and stop doing business with them. I know, it's harsh or perhaps an extreme step but I'd rather bear the cost of NOT doing business with them than doing business with them. What's to stop them from doing this every single time? Also, I don't think I can afford this, especially if say I purchased a domain for a few thousand dollars. That's not a cost of business that I can afford.

    I'm truly horrified to hear this and amazed that you just let it go.
  3. Kate

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    On the occasion I have had problems with a few registrars, and Snapnames reached out the registrar.
    Since it is NJ/SN that is charging you for the purchase, it is their responsibility to deliver the domain.

    What is possible though, is that the registrar sent login details to your E-mail, but the mail went to spam or was not delivered at all. So they may think they have done their part and it's your fault.
  4. Rich

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    You'd think they would be responsiblefor delivery per their agreement with registrars but they cover themselves with garbage terms of service. Ive waited a few days for login details from won auctions, and have overlooked them in my email being from a third party registrar i.e. Bigrock
  5. Arca

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    The cost of not doing business with them is significantly higher than the cost of just letting a few domains go. The loss incurred by a few undelivered domains is minuscule compared with the profits generated from those that do get delivered.
    NJ and SN willingly reach out to the registrars 1-2 times before they tell me to figure it out on my own.

    They claim it's ultimately buyers responsibility post-auction, not theirs. So when a registrar doesn't comply, NJ/SN don't give you a refund, they tell you to work it out with the registrar by yourself.

    I have whitelisted certain registrars who claim to have sent me the log in details, but still never receive anything. In these cases they do think they have done their part. But that doesn't change the fact that I've never received any form of email correspondence from them as they claim. It's my word against theirs though, and there is no way for me to prove that they have not sent the needed info to my email address.

    I've had many names won at Big rock not delivered, often for months, but with eventually I've always managed to get big rock domains delivered to me.

    Main problem of undelivered domains seems to be with domains won at completely obscure registrars, that hardly seem to be functioning/in operation, at corporate registrars, and especially domains with resellers, where the domain is technically with a registrar that provides the registration service (i.e. Ascio), but the domain is registered at a little known reseller that doesn't facilitate the transfer of the domain to you by opening an account for you on their site.
  6. OmarVG

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    Don't bid on those SHILL BIDDER DISHONEST marketplaces!

    You should read all over again the thread from last year of Massive Shill Bidders in NJ...
  7. golan

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    Right, happened to me few times. Totally sucks.

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