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  1. Pat8

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    Hello All,
    I wanted to ask everyone that what are the ways to keep earning money from Domains (other than Parking)?

    I am not good at Web Development but have some domains that have lot of searchs. Is there any agency/website that can build a website for me and keep some % of Profit , while Domain being solely my property.I also have an aprroved Adsense account.

    Does buying a GoDaddy Deluxe hosting help me host 10 domains at a tie, without any issues?
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  2. goffee

    goffee Established Member

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    This question has been discussed lot of times. Search the thread and you will find the answer.
    My thought : It depends upon your domain name and If its super premium you can find developers.
  3. deez007

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    Keep in mind that even though a domain might have alot of searches.... what matters is the keyword competition and how much time, effort and money would need to be invested by the person developing the website to get it ranked.

    Consider this scenario...

    You have a really good domain in a medium competition niche... you find someone willing to develop the site for you and get it ranked whilst you maintain ownership of the domain and you guys split the profit..... now the developer is going to have to invest his time and money, let say about 4 months later he ranks the site for some of the main keywords... everything goes well (apart from his time, let say he has invested $1000 on SEO over the past 4 months) so now that the site is ranked for some of the keywords you guys start making $1000pm on Adsense revenue... of which he gets 50% so first month goes well...but come the second month you guys have a fall out and disagreement on what direction the site should go.... you guys part ways.... the developer is still $500 out of pocket ... and 5 months of time wasted...and no "asset" to show for it..

    I think it's going to be difficult to find a willing partner/developer to be honest...
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  4. Sulabh Sharma

    Sulabh Sharma Top Contributor VIP

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    Why would someone invest you their time and money to develop your website? If someone is really good at developing a profitable website they would probably buy their own domain names. You have two options now either you start learning on how to develop a website or hire someone good at it.
    If you need some help, you may PM me.
  5. Page Howe

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    over the years every person who has developed a domain name has probably made it worth more than an undeveloped name.

    so for a geo name, build a directory. i am starting with my

    im using a joomla plus in / add on called JomDirectory, so if i can get 30 companies to pay $10 a month thats 300 a month. in income. $3600a year or 36,000 in ten years.

    id say the only thing that has kept me form doing it over the last 10 years is fear of success.

    good luck to you.

    page howe
  6. Hypersot

    Hypersot Top Contributor VIP

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    that's the key phrase right there

    So, how can you make 30 companies to subscribe, does your site's traffic play a role in this or maybe your negotiation skills.. or something else?

    thanks for your insight
  7. Page Howe

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    my plan is i have to do one locally, get friends, business and hand to hand combat one at a time.

    then, like a franchise, once you get it going, you can do another and another. so yes i think domain helps becuase it the first impression anyone see when they see your pitch.

  8. korganian

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    I want very badly to be able to set up directory sites on my domains. Unfortunately I don't have any knowledge of programming and that example you gave is very expensive to use.

    Does anyone have a less complex solution that has a low one time cost instead of a monthly fee for each site?
  9. MasterOfMyDomains

    MasterOfMyDomains Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Hi Pat, i started a thread about wordpress

    Maybe you can learn something there, or post get some responses.
    Currently i have 10 wordpress sites, working on plugins widgets etc at the moment. Fine tuning.
    You can host unlimited sites at a2 hosting, link in my signature.
    If you have any wordpress questions post or pm me
  10. MackieMesser

    MackieMesser Top Contributor VIP

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    If you have time and nerves (actually it doesn't require that much of time, some concentration though), you could try out Wordpress (, you can quite easily make a nice website without coding skills. I didn't have any when I started and I still haven't although I'm able to alter and fix some codes nowadays.

    Maybe it turns out that you are actually good in this and it is interesting for you? After all one is never to old to learn something new - or at least shouldn't be. On the other hand you can also pay someone to do that, but you can get much more insight by doing it or part of it yourself.
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