Selling - top CPM on push notifications! We pay 100% revshare up to the end of month!

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Good day - is a high-tech advertising platform for monetizing and selling traffic via push notifications.

We pay lifetime 100% revshare for all clicks made during 2 weeks after signing up*!

We proud to present you our platform for monetizing push notifications from creators of TerraLeads, ApiLead, InstallMonster, ZipMonster and many other projects, thousands of webmasters trust us!
Command of invites for cooperation
- Owners of sites
- Owners of extensions
- Owners of clickcunder / popunder networks
- Media buyers for sending traffic to our landing pages

Key advantages for webmasters:
1 - Until the end of February - 100% revshare, and after that we will pay 80-90% depending on your volume
2 - Unique system of rotation of the advertising companies, which shows top CPM
3 - Many already tested landing pages in all verticals and geo with localized translations
4 - Oprion of integrating on your site via both http and https protocols.
5 - Protection from potential Google bans
6 - Easy integration
7 - Payments on request on Webmoney, Epayments, Wire, Paypal, BTC with minimum of just $ 10
8 - Not agressive to users
9 - We work with top networks
10 - New partners with at lease 50k subs / daily will receive a cat from us as a present :xf.grin::

Attention! For partners with a large volumes of traffic (more than 100k subscriptions / day) we can work on CPA model, prices are much higher than the market. Hurry to write to our support, as our budget is not unlimited and there are limits on buying.

Key Benefits for Advertisers:
1 - Minimal bid is just $ 0.001 per click!
2 - Large volumes
3 - Own, not used subscription base, with new users daily.
4 - High monetising traffic

How it works:
1. Sign up in the system, add the source get the JS installation script on the site or landing URL
2. Paste the script to your source site / extension / landing page or send traffic to our landing pages.
3. Get steadily growing profits! Each 1000 subscriptions can bring you up to $ 200 at a distance

Welcome! Our contacts:
Skype: live:anstasialebovski
Telegram: @AnastasiaSupport
Telegram chat: no_url_shorteners/DaoPush
Mail: admin@daopush.сom

* Promotion is active from 27th of February up to 15th of March
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Hi there,

The weekly payments have been processed

Here you can check avg rates

Dao rates
Hi there,

The weekly payments have been processed

Here you can check avg rates

Dao rates