NameSilo's interesting domain history: How bought its own domain

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    On Webarchive, I randomly decided to type in and discovered the domain had a funny past and a crazy plot end*/

    The domain seems to have been owned since its inception by some man from California named Dan (big surprise) who used it as a blog throughout the early 2000’s but it was never really a functioning website

    Then some time after 2010 he posted totally random stuff there:
    "Unicorns are way cooler than spaghetti. … hi from dan … yes, its still me … no, you cant buy this domain. … that will be all … now really though, go read about the unicorns." [screenshot below]


    Fast forward to early 2019, he listed the domain for sale... Where? You guessed it, on itself as evident by the site links in footer etc. (Undeveloped was Dan's old domain for those who don't know)

    And a company representative apparently made an offer and bought it from this anonymous man, and moved their new popular platform to it.

    Some questions remain of course, like how much they paid for it, etc.
    Cool story, right? Well @DAN.COM
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