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Hey all,

So recently I've been wondering if it's possible to create some kind of a function (fx) or plugin for Google sheets, that would check a domains estimated value via GoDaddy automatically?

I know you can not rely on appraisal sites at all, but for me i find GD appraisal the most accurate in a sense of giving you a rough estimate of domains.

See I'm not sure if its even possible to create something like this, but that would be very handy when you are going through a large amount of data.

I'm familiar with bulkavator bulk appraisal but somehow it never really worked fully for me, it only checks just a few domains sometimes 5/10 at a time..

I was also thinking to register on fiverr or any other on-line freelancer sites just to see if someone could do it, but ATM I'm just trying to collect info if its even possible or not. I used to be a huge Excel fan for 20+ years then i started to use sheets when i bought a new laptop and I'm blown away how good service it became over the years, i love the cloud feature of it the most.

Anyways, thanks for reading lads,

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