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Coinmarket Zoo - Cryptocurrency Prices, Market Data & Latest News. Automatically updated prices using Coingecko API and latest crypto news from Google news RSS feeds.

The site is powered by WordPress using hand picked theme and plugins which all have excellent developer documentation and support. Easy to insert custom ads selectively on site via ad inserter plugin.

Site backup/restore files provided that makes it simple to migrate to your own web hosting server. I'll provide any needed notes about the site/setup to bring buyer up to speed.

Buyer will need their own web hosting. Any reputable shared hosting will work fine. I have been a happy customer of A2 Hosting for years and highly recommend them. A2 Turbo Boost plan is excellent for this type of site. I use it for multiple WordPress sites. Very fast reliable servers with good customer support.

  • Website: coinmarketzoo.com
  • Domain: coinmarketzoo.com
  • Registrar: Epik.com
  • Domain expires on 12/18/22
  • Paypal or Crypto (BTC, LTC or XLM)
  • Send offers via PRIVATE MESSAGE

Now on sale for $350 or best offer!
(coinpricedata.com is also available if you're interested)

(Please send offers via private message)
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