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    Didn't see one of these and thought it might be useful to the domainers in their diverse package of investing to open a thread and discuss crypto investing, whats hot whats not, whats coming whats out the door with elvis. lol. Anyways, ive put alittle into orchid a privacy tool crypto and was interested in what other people have invested in or are and how they are doing with it, etc. Thank you and enjoy.


    here is a link to the list of cryptocurrencies rite now and their action:
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    Most YouTube channels I subscribe to include some type of disclaimer that the discussion and views in the video are mere opinions and not intended to be financial advice. I believe the same disclaimer should be made here.

    One observation I have made and which I believe many would agree to is that Bitcoin drives the market. Yes, there will be some coins which outperform BTC over shorter timeframes particularly when BTC is consolidating. But most top 100 cryptocurrencies will follow the general trend of BTC - at least over shorter timeframes.

    While a few coins in the top 25 are on my radar I currently am only invested in a few in the top ten. How many people today use Lycos or Altavista or America Online for web searches? How many use Myspace today as their primary social media platform? Video has become increasingly popular as a means of sharing ideas but how many different video platforms do most people use? Well, long term I do not believe there will be a need for thousands of different cryptocurrencies. What will happen those that do not become mainstream? ImO they will fade out of existence.
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    i agree a disclaimer that this is opinion is important, have you seen the fisher king? yipes. lol. good insight btw. Just like box stores took over 5 and dimes mom and pops stores also. It just seems to be an earth pattern to consolidate what we like and keep but to move on. ty.

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