Connect Directly to ccTLD Backend Servers (over EPP) Without Being an ICANN Accredited Registrar?

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    Does anyone who is not an ICANN accredited registrar have experience getting credentials to interface with the backend servers of a registry that provides ccTLD's directly?


    The ICANN faq indicates:
    "Some ICANN-accredited registrars provide registration services in the ccTLDs, however, ICANN does not accredit registrars or set registration policies for ccTLDs. For details about ccTLD registration policies, you should contact the designated country code manager."

    This suggests to me that providing direct access to the backend domain registry server for a ccTLD like io would be entirely up to the discretion of the registry.

    In the .io case, that registry is Affilias. But their website is not very clear about whether they ever provide direct EPP access to non-ICANN accredited parties. I'm curious whether anyone in this forum has past experience / insight on this.
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    A bit late replying but most ccTLD registries would require that a company would be an accredited registrar for the ccTLD before granting that kind of access. This means dealing directly with the registry. They don't generally grant access to non-registrars.

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    This will not work as an individual. I tried for Affilias, they are nice and helped with the process however, if you never had any experience with EPP and registries in general, I wouldn't recommend it (The gain is less than what you probably think it is, not even sure I can say why but you will see it if you go through their process, past half of it unfortunately)
    You would have the same level of access as a registrar for these tlds but having to incorporate a company, if it's just for that, don't do it without knowing what you are going into.
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    Some ccTLDs are more accessible than others, but generally as a bare minimum you need to:
    - have a registered company
    - pay some initial fee and/or make a deposit
    - pass the required tests to prove you now how to use epp
    - provide a registrar service (website/contact)
    In case of ccTLDs requiring ICANN accreditation, you also need to pay a hefty recurring fee.

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