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    Hello Everyone,

    I'd love some input as to the value of my domain.

    After designing "Boxer lined Jeans for myself", I found "Going Commando" was much more comfortable in the typically rough denim jeans.

    I did extensive research and found 40% of people will "Go Commando" from time to time!

    I acquired the domain in 2006. Soon after I had to move, and then move again. Without marketing, I let the sales fall off. And, don't have the time to startup again.

    I've been thinking, the best route for both parties, would be a licensing of the brand / Business / Domain, etc..

    Hang Loose !
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    Well.. That's an aged name and I see some such jeans on Amazon.
    Also, it ranks well.
    I would suggest you to get all the extensions, club it together and sell it together as a product to some interested buyers.
    Maybe someone in the fashion industry.
    When sold as a domain, it could fetch you something in low xxxx, but I believe selling or pitching this as a brand and a possible huge product for a fashion brand, you could clock high prices!!

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