CNBC people rethinking how and where they make money online

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    CNBC published a piece today on how content creators and influencers are rethinking their business after outages at Facebook and Instagram. Facebook apologized for the outage in a blog post. Domain investors have known for a long time you want your domain name to be your hub and social media accounts to be spokes. Investis […]

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    That investis digital article is very good - going to have to read it a few times..........
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    the ad dollars method doesnt work for everyone as is proven in youtube vanlife videos etc

    eg some people are popular and get 10k? 50k? 100k? 500k? subscribrrs etc and some struggle to make any money on youtube etc but most youtubers have a

    youtube account
    with join button

    + patreon account

    + instagram account

    + are amazon affiliates with amazon links to the products they show on their youtube channel in the links in the description of youtube video

    + paypal link

    which is all duplicating the same content etc

    which works ok until facebook or google or facebook goes offline etc or doesnt renew their domain name etc but facebook and google have only just started because both google and facebook are trillion dollar companies with their owners being in the top 10 richest people in the world with in excess of 50 b in personal wealth etc they will get even richer as they invent or buy up the internet infrastructure of the future

    but domain names are helping facebook and google get bigger as people dont want to click and accept cookies on every website they go on they prefer to accept just facebook google and amazon cookies and then no more cookies etc
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    With the amount of censorship and corporate consolidation going on we're going to see a print revolution.

    Now is the time to start your monthly physical newsletter. The feel of a traditional newsletter with a magazine like format, containing exclusive content along with your advertisements and offerings.

    If your operation is at risk of censorship you can also have a P2P distribution of PDF or other files that your fans can print out and help distribute, similar to "zines".
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  5. Future Sensors

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    Good point

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