.CLUB Office Demolished by Hurricane Irma

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    I have a lot of friends in Florida and many of them have suffered and are suffering as a result of hurricane Irma. Natural disasters are often terrifying and the wake of destruction they leave behind in both property damage and emotional trauma is terrible.

    I just received word from Jeff Sass from .CLUB that their new office in Fort Lauderdale has lost its roof and the interior office trashed by the force of the wind and rain. I have the privilege to count all of the .CLUB team as friends and I would like to particularly wish them all the best as they rebuild their office space.

    I would also like to mention that none of the actual .CLUB domains have been impacted by this disaster as they are safe and secure in tier 1 hosting environments in multiple don't panic. All is good!

    Here is a link to a blog article written by Jeff about the situation with .CLUB. You can check out the photos below to see just how much damage was inflicted on them.

    My prayers and thoughts are with everyone that has been through Irma and wish you all the best in the aftermath and cleanup.

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    I wonder if they still have
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    It's good that all the staff are safe and well following the storm.

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