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Thanks all. Bought one, was offered a few good ones. Still adding to my shortlist as I'm considering buying an additional one or two to have options available.

I will leave the thread open for a little longer to see what's available. Anything good besides .com may be considered.

I think I have responded to everyone by now, if I didn't I probably overlooked it. Sorry if that happened.


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I'm looking for a domaining/domainer related domain. Extension preferably .com. budget is about $20-$50. Not much but that's what my top pick is at currently.

It's for a side project offering domaining related services. Keep that in mind. Think domaining + keyword, domainer + keywork. Could live with DN+keyword or web+keyword. No brandables, descriptive names work well. Usually I don't go beyond 15 characters but since the prefix/suffix is quite long, entertain me.

Age doesn't matter. Registrar doesn't matter as long as I can either easily transfer out or receive a push.

Payment would be by PayPal. DM me to discuss. Those who know me personally feel free to text or email.
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