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    A bit of advice needed if at all possible.

    I have a few brandable domains in mind but before spending money on them, I was wondering what are the best criteria to consider?

    For instance, as the potential brand names are completely new and as yet, may not have a sales history to compare with on Namebio. Also, using Estibot may not show an estimated value or an accurate CPC.

    A simple method I have used to test the viability of these potential names, as an alternative to Namebio and Estibot, is to place the brand name in " " in Google and see what comes up. If the search provides quite a few results, particularly if the top results are ads from companies, then this to me looks like a good criteria to use. Is this a reasonable assumption to make?

    In short, in the absence of any meaningful Estibot or Namebio information, what do you consider a good approach would be?

    By the way, the potential options I have in mind are from a popular niche, 2 words, English words, easy to remember, the 2 words make sense and flow.

    Any thoughts anyone?


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    Think like a business owner and customer, versus an brand domain name seller.

    Just to mention a few symptoms instead of many factors.
    • Deliverability (love, like, supportive, confidence, spread trust)
    • Authentic identity (reminding and remembering)
    • Visual identity (inspirational effect, emotion, imprint, recognition)
    • Exercise look and feel and primary message (fractals)
    • Turnaround time (the name contains (made up) word(s) that can have multiple meanings)
    Multiple meanings example:

    Fiverr - contain ingrained meaning that is pre-packed/composed of four (+one in the middle = I've = I have) elements/words that are already present in subconscious mind, guiding your decisions.


    Money = Problem solved
    Mathematic = Complexity of
    Computer = Commands
    Error = can lead to expensive mistakes


    Fiver = Five dollar / pound bill
    Fi = Phi Greek math symbol/letter
    (Ive) = I have
    Ver = Command
    Err = Error
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    I don't think when Fiverr chose that name that they thought of any of this. They probably wanted something that had reference to a five dollar bill. was taken and was taken so they added an R to the end. Done. I'm sure there wasn't much more thought to the process than that.
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    Of course! Most of brand names doesn't follow a planned, or intended, route.
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    You should check for Trademarks.
  6. DonDraper

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    How do you use NameBio?

    What are the metrics/stats (if any) you look to decide to "value" of the name?
  7. @frankp57 - I'm not sure if you already bought the brandables yet, however, I have a couple questions for you so I can try to provide a more targeted answer for your situation.

    1. What niche are you targeting? Since each niche has slightly different variables one should look for.
    2. Are you looking to develop these into profitable businesses yourself or are you wanting to resell them?
    3. Further questions will depend on the answers to #1 & #2

    Let's see what we can brainstorm together :)
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    If you want to be known as an expert in a specific field, why not choose a domain name related to that field?
    If you have a nick name and wanted to be branded under that nickname then it is probably wise to purchase a domain name that contains your nickname instead of your real name.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I have several domains that may be brandable and a few I have in mind that I haven't bought yet.

    Two examples of the ones I have are football related (I'm in the UK, sometimes known as soccer). My initial thoughts when I bought these was to develop them. The two teams in question are Liverpool (FieldsOfAnfieldRoad) and Glasgow Celtic (HoopsInParadise) - two hugely globally supported teams. These phrases are well known in football circles - not only to LFC and Celtic FC fans.

    Another example I have is in the 'baby' niche market - "". Not sure what to do with this.

    Last but not least -
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