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    Nowadays many students specially from Asia find university in abroad to get better education. Most of them try to find most cheapest or low cost university where they can adjust themselves. The domain is an idea to develop a directory of most cheapest university in the world. The directory will help them to find university to take admission.

    The directory owner will get huge visitors because the demand of this kind of information is very high. After creating the directory it will be passive income for the owner. Currently there isn't very high quality websites who offering this type of information. So this is the chance to get first at this business and grow the business quickly.

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    Nov 25, 2019
    Registrar : Namecheap
    Start bid : $10
    Min increment : $1
    BIN : $1000
    End Time : 144 hours after last bid or at BIN price
    Renewal : $13.6
    Paypal (Maximum 24 hours after claim)
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