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    Hi Guys,

    I am very new here, but I love the community and fascinated by the industry. I have owned a bunch of good names but have never bothered getting into it properly.

    Anyway, having been addicted to this site for the past 4 days, the bit that's disappointing is when you see a bunch of comments in a thread, so you think it might be a good discussion, only to find that it's all the same person bumping their thread back to the top... I get why it's done, it's just boring...

    What do you guys think is the best way to change this for the better?

    1- greater moderation?
    2- There should be a bump function that only premium members would have?
    3- Instead of bump, you have to add a new joke (This is my favourite option)
    4- Increasing the lockout period that would cause the post to go back to the top?

    Just some thoughts
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    Welcome to NamePros!

    Noncontributory bumps are not allowed in discussion threads; they're only allowed in appraisal and marketplace threads.

    We do understand that it's not ideal, even in the marketplace, so we intend to provide a better solution in the future.

    1. This is moderated very well in discussions, but it's allowed in non-discussion threads.
    2. We'd like to add a bump button that everyone can use; the button wouldn't require a bump post, or it'd hide the bump posts from the thread and stats.
    3. This would make it more difficult to accomplish #2 once we provide a solution.
    4. We have this: it's called bump prevention. Each account level is allotted a specific number of bumps per day, and if members bump their threads beyond those limits, the threads do not move to the top (there's no bump in the list of threads).

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.
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    @Ategy - Yes, your suggestion is better than mine and would make a big difference in making the whole forum a bit more professional to newcomers as well as cleaner for regular users.

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