domain CellphoneRepairKits . com + associated

Catch.Club Catch.Club
Regged some tech domains that I think are self-explanatory and relevant in the DIY age.

I am staring to build out some basic sites for them. Thought I would run them up the flagpole here. I tend to grab singular and plurals when I can. All dot coms.

CellRepairKit + kits
MobileRepairKit + kits
MobilePhoneRepairKit + kits

Thank you in advance for name appraisals and also ideas of what you would do in development.

I understand if you'd rather just appraise them as a group. But individually /pairs is appreciated as well.
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MobileRepairKit.com = High-xx to Mid-xxx
The rest = Low-xx to High-xx ea.
I would appraise these based on EMD criteria. 2500 SV a month is baseline and that's about $100.