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Al Marri

Domain Names For Sale All In One .

EV.Company | Renewal: $71 | Expires on : 2020
Car.Company | Renewal: $9.99 | Expires on : 2028
Motor.Company | Renewal: $35 | Expires on : 2024
Automaker.Company | Renewal: $13| Expires on : 2020
Automotive.Company | Renewal: $13| Expires on : 2020

Starting Price: $10 M
Increment: +$100,000
Payment option : on Escrow.com
Auction Ends: 24 Hours After First Bid.

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Reinvestment with us .
Reinvestment in real estate. From AZ.Company we offer a unique business opportunity for future buyers of our domains. The reinvestment of our profits in real estate in order to generate new income passively with the leasing of the properties. If you are interested in investing passively in real estate in Qatar, we are an ideal option for you. What does this procedure consist of? If you are a private investor or a corporation interested in any of our domains, you can use this plan as a voluntary option. After the purchase of a domain we reinvest this capital in real estate in Qatar (The exclusive area of Maritime City) and you will automatically enjoy 50% of the rent profits of that real estate for 10 years without doing anything. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our reinvestment plan.

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