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question Can I do this? Typo Domain Issue!

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I am looking forward to a domain for a long-term blogging project. Google or SEO will be the main type of traffic for the project. While selecting the domain name. We picked "T/h/r/y/e/v/ dt c/o/m" As it was tiny and sounded like the word Thrive.

But after picking up the domain name, we came to know that there is an existing and established domain name, "Thryv dt com". And there is another one thryve dt com.

They are a software company, and our blog will be in different niches.

The question is... Is it green to go with the domain? I have checked on trademarkia and saw there is no trademark issue for my domain T/h/r/y/e/v.

I am looking for expert advice on this as we liked the domain name. Its long term project and have investments involved. SO I want some advice if I am ok to going with it?
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