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    Would like some feedback if possible.

    I am thinking of developing the domain into a website. My ideas are below to start with as trying to keep price down

    1) daily / weekly industry news / option pieces from companies
    2) some advertising on it
    3) affiliate page

    With the affiliate page I can see UK companies, as I'm based here offering circa £100 average for online referrals - how easy is this to get going? How much do you think start up costs would be? Anyone with experience with affiliate marketing - can you let me know on thoughts if this could be profitable or not?

    Other things like how many affiliates do you put on the page etc etc

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    One. Or several in a comparison, but always with content supporting the offer.

    (BTW terminology - you’re the affiliate, they’re the merchant.)

    With that referral payout, you’re in a very competitive niche. What are their other affiliates doing and what can you do better?
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  3. NickB

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    Thanks for the reply!

    Referrals seem to be coming from estate agencies, one man bands drip feeding and online advertising. I cant really find a site with regular quality updated content - if anyone can find some please let me know.

    I suppose the key driver would be quality content that is updated regulary, not just a blog and opion pieces from companies in the industry.

    I have looked into this further and have spoken to quite a few commercial mortgage brokers in the UK and they are keen in principle and some have said they would be happy to go ahead. Most want to see a website and 10% referral fee is the average. The cookie length ranges from 30 days to 6 months.

    Best price for a website I can find with good reviews and good completed sites is £720 vat included. Good content writing can be done for about £100 per month for 10 articles. The average deal takes 4 - 6 weeks to complete at merchant end.

    Still trying to get an idea on percentage figures for visitor numbers turning into potential client's for merchants.

    Any advice or suggestions is always appreciated!

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