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    Hello friends. I am currently building WhoIs domain website with the help of a friend.

    First of all I will answer one question that everybody will ask me. What made you wanna do it because there is so many who is websites out there. Well the answer is simple. I have been using one free online whois service until they started charging for their service. I asked if they can sell me their whois script and they denied it. There were few features that kept me wanna go back and use their service and I couldnt find it in other whois services so I decided to build by own because I spend a lot of time on whois before I buy domains or when I get some offers.

    So before I make it complete I would like to ask what kind of feature would anyone like to see on whois service that no one has provide yet at all or haven't provide it yet for free. I will let you know if that's something I can accomplish.

    Thank you for your time.
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  2. SeanPreston

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    It would be cool to have a whois service which (for free) displays other domains hosted on the same server.

    Just a thought...

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