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services Building a Domain Portfolio with Our Revamped Newly Registered Domains Database

WhoisXML API recently launched a revamped Newly Registered & Just Expired Domains Database service with enhanced gTLD and ccTLD coverage, easy downloading through aggregated daily files, statistics files available to study trends, and more. In this post, we aim to illustrate some of the capabilities of our Lite and Basic packages, notably to:
  • Determine popular text strings
  • Identify lucrative TLDs
  • Pick out niche markets
  • Support domain valuation

4 Ways an NRD Database Can Help You Build a Better Domain Portfolio​

Newly Registered & Just Expired Domains Database provides daily access to around 190,000 newly registered domains (NRDs) and 230,000 recently dropped domains.

The Lite subscription plan gives you daily access to NRDs. You can download data samples here: CSV or JSON.

Meanwhile, the Basic plan includes recently expired domains on top of the NRDs. Data file samples can be downloaded here: CSV or JSON.

Determine Popular and Unpopular Text Strings​

Analyzing words or text strings that commonly appear in an NRD database can provide much-needed insights on what to add to a domain portfolio. To illustrate, we used the data feed for 1–3 December 2021, which contained 603,058 newly added domains. Using a word cloud generator, we discovered some of the most popular text combinations among the NRDs.


We also generated a word cloud for the 263,731 domains that were dropped on the same dates.


Pick Out Niche Markets​

In the word cloud for NRDs above, notice that “blockrent,” “jeulia,” “africa50,” and several strings related to “daikin” seemed prevalent. Looking closer, you may also see other text strings targeting specific niches. Some examples of niches that emerged among the 1–3 December NRDs are:
  • Non-fungible token (NFT): More than 3,000 domains contain the text string “nft” paired with other strings like “online,” “convert,” and “publishing.”
  • Travel: Text strings like “travel” and “air” repeatedly appeared in more than 4,000 NRDs.
  • Wellness: Hundreds of domains contained text combinations that point to the wellness industry. These strings include “wellness,” “wellguru,” and “selfreliant.”

Identify Other Lucrative TLDs​

It’s not surprising for .com to almost always take the lead in domain registration, so your domain portfolio may include several .com domains. But there could be other TLDs worth investing in. To determine which ones are currently popular, you can consult the statistics files that come with the Newly Registered & Just Expired Domains Database.

A total of 356,384 domains were registered under .com within the three-day period. Besides .com, other TLDs that had more than 5,000 domain registrations include .xyz, .net, .cyou, .org, .top, .onl, .online, .buzz, .site, .shop, .store, and .info.


Support Domain Valuation​

Identifying the most popular TLDs and text strings may help you assess the value of the domains in your portfolio. For example, you may own domains targeting the travel industry. Seeing how there are thousands of NRDs in this niche, you may decide to increase domain prices to take advantage of the demand.

You may also want to re-evaluate the prices of your .xyz domains or ramp up your promotions, as it is the second-most popular TLD after .com. In the same way, you may have overpriced domains based on the trends seen among recently expired domains.


Since domain investing entails registration and maintenance costs, it’s important to assess the value of every domain added to a portfolio. Observing domain registration trends through our revamped Newly Registered & Just Expired Domains Database can help.