Brandpa makes me nervous

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  1. dave321

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    If BB or SH accept my names, I feel pretty confident in them because I know real people have reviewed them.

    With Brandpa...

    Im not as confident. Idk.

    I need a strategy if im going to use brandpa.

    Im thinking... only select domains their bot appraises at 3k or higher AND... only select what what I believe to be the top 10%

    Thats the only thing i can think of so far.

    Even then, I have no clue what to expect.

    Anymore ideas or feedback?
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  2. karmaco

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    All appraisals/appraisers are unreliable and inconsistent and therefore useless.

    At some point, you will know how to evaluate your own names and not need a bot, a website, fellow domainers etc to validate that your names are good or sellable.

    All parties mentioned get things wrong sometimes. Trash names have gotten accepted and sold at all places mentioned. All places mentioned have many names that never sell. All places mentioned have gotten it wrong and your name later sells that they rejected.

    Continue to learn what and why on good names and you won’t have to rely so heavily on other people’s opinions because thats all it is- opinions.
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  3. Peak.Domains

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    At that point, what value are they bringing you to justify 30% of your sales without taking on any of the risk?

    You have to think long and hard about whether people are finding your names via the BP marketplace, advertising they're doing, etc - or if they're more likely to type in your domain and land there organically.

    If you sell 3 names on BP, how many of them do you think will have found you via their marketplace, vs people that were looking for your name in particular? If it's more than 1, you should just use your own landers (or Dan, Efty, etc,) and get your own logos made for $5-$10.

    I would be really curious to see how many sales on a marketplace like this originate from type-in traffic buying the name they landed on vs somebody landing on a different page then finding your domain through internal promotions.

    Also, someone could land on your domain, be ready to buy it, then end up choosing a different name, so assume that's a wash.

    I dunno man... my thoughts on these marketplaces have shifted a bit. Yes, you could end up getting a sale from traffic that somebody else brought to the site, but that goes both ways, and the price is pretty steep unless they're doing a TON of marketing to bring traffic to their marketplace outside. I've seen marketplaces cite their total traffic stats, but I imagine the high 90%'s of that is either other sellers, or end-users who just typed in someone else's domain.

    I think what appeals to people is the hands-off, "Jesus take the wheel" approach like your name gets approved so you feel validated and like you're on the right track... But as @karmaco said, you need to be able to evaluate your own names, too, and to do it based on more than feelings or intuition.

    In my first ~yearish of being a bit more serious about domaining, I submitted around 10 names to a brandable marketplace, I think 9 were denied, and I think 8 out of those 9 went on to sell to end-users within the next year. Basically one of the only names, the ONLY names, from that group that didn't sell (and still hasn't), was the one that got manually approved. This isn't necessarily a flaw of the market, since they're looking for a certain type of name, but it's something to think about. It's also just an anecdote.

    Having said all that, I bought a few dozen SH names within the past 4-5 months and just had my first sale for 3k. Not going to post about it since it's on a 2 year payment plan and I don't want someone to interfere, but I have no way of knowing if I would have still made that sale using a dan lander, or even just using a text file that said "email me to buy".
  4. wwwulff

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    You must have the best sell through rates in this industry
  5. Peak.Domains

    Peak.Domains Top Contributor VIP

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    This was one specific bundle of 10 names that I submitted to a particular marketplace around the same time, I have plenty of names that I didn't submit to a marketplace that haven't sold :) And plenty of names that I have subsequently submitted that also haven't sold.
  6. noneisnone

    noneisnone 444 VIP Gold Account

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    @Peak.Domains take the praises master your humbleness makes us blush
  7. jhm

    jhm Glazed

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    Well said, I second this
  8. NickB

    NickB it's a mystery VIP

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    Relying on a 3rd party to validate if you a think a domain is good or not is not the best approach...
  9. Steve Andersen

    Steve Andersen Established Member

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    I have 30 names on BP..... I have around 910 on BB and 217 on SH. I started doing brandable names end of 2019. And my first 1 sold on BB in March of 2020. To date 11 sales on BB, 0 BP, and 1 SH (But actually sold via Afternic and I owed SH the commission difference). About a 1/3 of my BB portfolio was added in the last 90 days and over 50% of my SH portfolio has came in the last 14 days. All of these sales have been 4 figure sales and 1 was a 5 figure sale. (Actually my first was a 5 figure sale, and I feel like a drug addict trying to get that original high feeling again :xf.grin:)

    I think Brandable Market places have a place, and they definitely make finding a name more appealing to end users. But I also wonder how many sales I have lost just by not having my names on BB listed on Afternic. SH does allow Afternic listing if you had reviewed with a coin. I think some people come to these platforms and would only buy a name because they saw it graphically represented to them. But many I feel if they truly wanted that name would still have bought it out of the registrar path if it was available

    At this point I don't see any real reason to list more names on BP. They have dropped their exclusivity cause and you can now list anywhere as long as domain points to their name servers. If it sells elsewhere you owe them 0 commission. So basically you're paying $5 to list a domain and have a logo made by them and only paying commission to them if it sells on their platform. But this has 0 value, the way I see. You are simply giving them direct traffic they can leverage to market other names. I have not seen them advertise in a long time either. Many people are complain of issues being paid out as their payment partner seems to only pay out in GBP.

    On SH WLM I can list names for free pay low commission if they sell via the platform but also list everywhere else. If I pay $3 I get re-targeting adds if someone has looked at my name and others can submit it to a contest. Or I can pay $5 get a logo and the retargeting ads if that is your thing. So if you wish to pay $5.00 a listing the SH WLM is by far a better choice.

    SH I think is leading the way in market place intelligence AI, and constantly innovating new things into the platform to benefit the sellers. While I only have 217 names on their most of these are from the last 2 weeks when I started building it up. SH also strongly uses retargeting adds and social media ads to promote names on the platform;

    BB is the leader in BrandMarket places when it comes to selling tech related names to new startups. But they have a much more static search platform and they seldom rotate names in the search results. It think I have most of my sales from these types of market places from BB vs SH not because they are better, but because I focused on building my portfolio there first. I can't say I would not have sold these same names outside of BB, but I can say I probably got prices on a few of them higher than I personally would have ever listed them for. BB has social media ad campaigns that run periodically and they do a lot of mail and social media advertising in addition to advertising on a few popular podcasts.

    As I grow in my domain experience, I begin to question the need for these market places all together. If you have good names and price them appropriately they will sell outside brand market places and at lower commissions. I see others on twitter or blogs all the time selling names that would be considered brandable and getting incredible sales and strong prices. One of the things you will give in a brand market place is the ability to get strong prices unless you reach a tier level with some that give you more price setting ability. While these places do sell occasionally higher priced names even in the 6 figures the bulk of their sales come form the $1700 - $3500 tier 1 with next tier being $3500 - $5000. So if your goal is to wait for best possible price these markets are probably not for you.

    This year I have where I am getting a sale a month from these market places combined. So I will probably try to get around 1000 names on both SH and BB. Then I will probably stop submitting names to them other than to replace loss inventory from sales or ones I may liquidate as I improve portfolio quality over time. So why do I want to keep building them up.. I feel if I get to this size I should average around 2.5+ sales a month or about 30 per year. Definitely not super spectacular. But if I can average $2800 per sale (worst case scenario) thats $84,000 a year in sales. $25,200 commissions worst case scenario, $17,730 renew costs and $1500 replenishment costs or a net of around $39,570 before taxes. Not a life changing sum, but a good amount a money to use to level up on some better names to build a portfolio off these market places of a few hundred high quality names over a few years.
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  10. Chris Hydrick

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  11. Samer

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    i DMed the BrandPa CEO and told her; it was unfair to change to this new BP policy, which effectively, treats prospective new clients, like trash in leui of their better treated pay-lower to submit counterparts, just for joining earlier...

    At least Squadhelp’s “tier” offers a path, oh & BP has 100% approval all names;
    Unique to them- BB & SH notoriously picky. Good luck to BP; and OP.

    edit: they changed their policy now ALL $5, still long way imo, nice start! finally myb i’ll try em..

    edit#2: i think @karmaco is the top bp savant; respect for you; hope we all; :D

    edit #3 if BP reports sales, life is complete ; )
    anything,.. “throw us a bone”! Done with edits.
    Good luck to all, hope BP replies, lol!

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  12. Mister Funsky

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  13. BrandPlease

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    Just an opinion.... do they do any promotion or ads or social media posts or anything? Just not sure you see any value for the cost to list. IMO if they are not accepted by BB or SH, maybe put them on Afternic with a BIN and Sedo as well (no BIN). Marketplaces are a great place to list your names, as long as the market is doing it's job and attracting potential customers you probably would not find on your own. If you are doing active outbound sales - prob not necessary to ise a marketplace at all - but for passive sales it's good.

    Best of luck
  14. dave321

    dave321 Established Member

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    Hey Brian, but what about your BP portfolio?

    Did you submit those at a different time under better circumstances?

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