advice [Branding] Using an ex-adult domain for a startup?



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I found a nice domain name for sale, generic, however looking at the history, it was previously used as an adult site, with hundreds of adult backlinks pointed to the domain (currently).

The domain is priced nicely, how do think this can affect a potential startup in the future?
Most things are not impossible to overcome. You should look at Majestic to see where the problems lie. But sometimes Google can bust your balls in trying to get backlinks removed. If it's priced right. Then I think it could be a good investment. Even if you don't manage to get all the links removed. I think that's highly unlikely. So somebody follows the link from another adult site. Assuming your website it not adult, I'd say, most likely, they'd just leave again.
Who cares? If the name fits your business, take it with no hesitation. SEO effect from bad backlinks would be close to nill. Either they will blend down to non significant values if the business grows and the site gains its own backlinks; or, as @stub said, you just go to G and disavow them.
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