Bigrock.com - I cannot access my account and domain name

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I had caught a domain name using Snapnames, then I was forced to create an account at bigrock.com - this is the registrar which caught my domain name. So unfortunately now I am forced to use this company until I can finally transfer away my domain from this company.

I received the activation email from Bigrock, I activated my account then I could login to my account. I successfully changed the nameservers of domain. I verified my whois info. This was yesterday.

Now here comes my problem, today I cannot access my account anymore. The password reset option doesn't work.

I tried to login here:


But these pages keep saying: invalid email/password. My email and password are not invalid. I literally copied and pasted my email address I received the Bigrock invitation email to.

Then I tried to reset my password, but Bigrock keeps saying that this email address is invalid. How can be my email address invalid? I received my activation email from Bigrock to this email address!

Now I wan to contact their support. But they need me to login to their support center here: https://support.bigrock.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/List

However, my email or password is invalid. So I cannot even login to the support center!

This is a bad joke.
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I used about 15 different registrars before, and I never had this problem. I am reading this email from Bigrock where they claim that they created the account for me. I am copying and pasting my email address from that email. I cannot login with my email because this company keeps saying that my email is invalid. Password reset link doesn't work.
I used this same email and password combination 1 day ago to login to my account.
I only use this company because they caught my domain name. I will transfer away my domain name from them to a proper registrar as soon as possible for sure.


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Just type in bigrock.com and a chat icon should pop up. It is offline now, but maybe check in an hour or so (I don't know if it's available Sundays).

Otherwise try again about this time (maybe +1h) tomorrow night. They are still fully based in India (afaik).


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The chat doesn't work in Firefox, I had to switch to Chrome.
Their website needs work, I can see in the footer:
"Copyrights © 2010 - 2017 BigRock. All Rights Reserved"


A random support article:

The image is missing, the image is referencing to demomonkey.org, a random website!

I still cannot access my domain and account. It is ridiculous that even the reset password option doesn't work.


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Now I can access my account finally, this was the issue:

There was a temporary glitch due to which you were unable to login to your account. Your account is active now.

This "temporary glitch" lasted for 2 days... So they literally suspended my account for 2 days without any cause or explanation. This was a not a downtime. Their website worked. Only their login system was broken for some reason. Now I used the exact same email address and password and now the login worked.

At this point I'm not sure whether it's safe to list this domain for sale on Afternic? Since what happens if I can sell this domain during the 60-day lock and then for any reason I cannot honor the sale in time because Bigrock locks me out of my account?

What do you think, is it safe to list this domain on Afternic now, or should I wait 60 days, then transfer away the domain to a proper registrar (Dynadot or Namesilo) and only then list the domain for sale?

There is an option to push the domain to another Bigrock account, yes (if the domain is sold during this first 60 days). But if I cannot login to my account for any reason, then I cannot push the domain to another account. And I'm not sure if their push system will work at all.
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