Beware of This Domain Authority Link Building Scam

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    I have seen 2 people who where fairly new to Namepros try selling domain with spammy backlinks in the last few weeks.

    Both claimed they knew nothing about the backlink profile that they where selling, the first time I had my suspicions, the second time I was fairly confident they knew what they where trying to do.....I reported them both times....

    Just want to give people a heads up on it in case more people come along trying to sell domains with spammy links......

    There is a good breakdown and story below on it below......near the bottom of the article you will find examples of what these spammy backlinks look like

    " A big hint that this is a link building scam should be the sheer volume of Google domains linking to the website as shown in the below screenshot with boxes highlight the Google domains (click/tap to enlarge)."
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