NamesCon2020 forces local Boise business to rebrand

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    1,792 forces local Boise business to rebrand over using the word "backcountry" in name

    The world of backcountry sports is rallying around dozens of small outdoor retailers after a large Utah-based company threatened lawsuits for trademark infringement. One of those retailers is right here in the Treasure Valley.

    Boise Gear Collective, formerly known as Backcountry Pursuit, is one of those small, locally owned businesses that was forced to rebrand after Utah-based company claimed trademark infringement. Now they say is apologizing.

    “It was an example of a really large company using its power and money to silence those that couldn’t afford to defend themselves,” said Tyson Stellrecht, Owner of Boise Gear Collective.

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    Extra info ...

    Like many mountain town success stories, had humble beginnings, with Jim Holland and John Bresse selling avalanche beacons out of a garage in Park City in 1996 under the original domain names and The company purchased the domain name in 2004 for US$75,000, at which point online purchases of sporting goods equipment accounted for less than three per cent of total purchases in that category.

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    Reminds me of when I was buried in legal paperwork and fees back in the day when a huge medical company came after the .org of our foundation.

    I sometimes regret not pushing it further. Sadly the funds weren't there and they kinda scared us off.

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