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Photonics to fashion, entertainment to marketing, so many possible applications for this short dictionary word.
A slit can represent a narrow path to new markets, opportunities, or a better way of doing something.

Auction start: $1 USD
Increments: $1 USD until $20, then $2 USD increments
Terms: PayPal and Auth Code, or Push at Dynadot (buyer choice)
Auction End: Thursday June 30 17:00:00 EDT fixed ending, or when BIN paid. Note that a bid in last 10 minutes will extend auction end by 10 minutes.
Registrar: Dynadot
Expiry: Nov. 25, 2022
Renewal: $10.99
BIN: $19 USD (to claim BIN enter in thread ‘Sold at BIN of $$$)
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The auction has now ended.
The winner is @eliandre – congratulations.
I will be in touch shortly re the transaction and transfer.
I will clear and close this thread once the transaction is complete.
Thank you to all who viewed and bid.
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