Are top 500 most registered keywords still helpful nowadays?

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  1. fleaking

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    dotDB recently launched the most registered keyword list in all domain extensions, and the top 500 are free of charge:

    Without doubt that the top 1 is nic and the top 2 is www, I can also find some trending terms like crypto, covid19, drone...from the list.

    However, to my surprise, many famous trademarks are also in the top 500 list like amazon, yahoo, whatsapp, microsoft...etc (Maybe those are registered for the purpose of brand protection since most of the trademark domains are not resolving or just redirecting to its .com.)

    And the latest top 500 list reminds me the good old days of early 2000, when I was still a newbie in domain investment, I remember clearly that there was a Top 500 most wanted keyword list released by someone after the land rush period of .info & .biz, and I invested my very first money in keyword .info & .biz according to the list, I also screened daily expired ccTLDs like .cc, .tv by using the top keywords in the following few years, and I grabbed many top keywords in these non-dotcom TLDs, and flipped them for very good profits then.

    I am just wondering if the most up-to-date list is still helpful for investing in new TLDs like the up coming .web or any other new extensions. Anyone thinks that we can still have a chance to take advantage of the most registered keyword list nowadays in 2021 and make good profits from it? Any feedback will be appreciated, thanks!
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    already took the top keywords of all time, and introduced them as new extensions.

    the best thing you can do now, is try to find available keyword that fits one of them.

    and that will be hard to do, because the best are either reserved or have premium registration pricing.

    i had an old list of top kw, released years ago with yahoo metrics
    wonder wat happened to it

  3. du6262

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    Thanks for your sharing(y)
  4. lock

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    Only if it matches to searches otherwise it is only making it harder for selected industries.
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  5. equity78

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    Find that list.

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