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domain Appraisals for Clear.Info

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Saw this at auctions the other day, it did catch my eye but it's a risky pick for mid xxx. Great pick if you're trying to develop it, not so great for resale IMO... The combination makes sense but it's almost too generic.

That being said, for a company that wants to brand themselves as "Clear" this may work, given that the .com and .net are owned by Sprint (aka if they ever move, they aren't moving for less than 7 figures).

If you're not developing it, I would renew it for 5 years since you've sunk some money into it already, forget about it and hope that the market changes and .info becomes cool again. It's not unthinkable, if ngTLDs pick up steam in the next few years, that we're gonna see renewed action in the older namespaces like info, biz, travel, etc.

Good luck!
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