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  1. Top-Level-Domain

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    Exact Match Domain (EMD)

    Estibot Appraisal Value: $8,300 USD

    1 Word, 4 Letters
    Comparable Domain Sales:

    Domain Price Date Venue 125,000 USD 2016-01-03 Donnied79 100,999 USD 2010-05-06 Sedo 100,000 USD 2003-02-01 Private 100,000 USD 2003-02-01 Private 100,000 USD 2003-02-01 Private 65,000 USD 2012-04-17 Sedo 62,500 USD 2009-02-11 Private 60,000 USD 2017-09-11 NameJet 50,000 USD 2012-04-11 MostWantedDomains 46,000 USD 2018-10-28 Afternic

    Highly Searched: ansa receives over 5,000,000 searches per month on Google

    Price: $250,000
    Registrar: Namecheap
    Renewal Fee: £30
    Expires: 09/2021
    Payment Method: Escrow
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  2. Alfa Mod Team

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    As required by NamePros Rule: 6.2.5, please Edit your Original Post within 24-48 hours to include:

    Starting Bid - The very first bid at which the auction will begin.
    Sellers must set a starting bid that they are prepared to accept.
    Auction will not start until this requirement is fulfilled.
    Bidding Increments - The minimum allowed difference between each bid someone makes.
    End Time - This must be clear with an hour, minute and time zone or X hours after last bid. (Default 72 hours after last bid)

    Thank you.

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