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    s.g Okay, you've cracked it. There is more to us... Gold Account

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    (This listing can be moved to one of the advice sections if suitable. However, as it includes one specific domain, and readers' domains of choice, it is quite suitable to have it here in the appraisal section.)

    If you were given precisely $1.5 million USD, how would you use the money if you had to:

    A) select the best possible domain(s) within their true price range - regardless whether they are for sale or not, and whether they are developed or not in real life (according to their realistic value, though)

    B) support a good cause (please name it, describe it if it's not well known)

    C) still have a corresponding amount left to buy sex.gay AND develop it (your discretion applies but you have to consider other bidders and the industry competitors, i.e. your plan is to succeed)

    We hope to use your input during our upcoming training session. Your ideas and logic might actually influence our real investment choices (once we get more comfortable within the domain industry).

    Thanks a billion!

    The s.g Team
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