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I bought a domain last year in May and recently I emailed a company via outbound asking them whether they were interested in purchasing it.

I always due my due diligence before buying domains but on this occasion I didn't realise that the company have applied for a trademark similar (not exact) to my domain name that I offered them.

Their trademark application hasn't been registered yet but it is live and they may or may not get the registration. They applied for the trademark in January this year and I registered the domain in May last year.

They haven't replied to me yet but as I got worried I deleted the domain from my registrar (will probably take 30 days or so to fully delete and be available for registration again).

My question is did I do the right thing and should I be ok even though I asked them whether they would like to purchase it (they haven't replied) but I've now deleted the domain?

Could I still be in bother even after the domain is deleted and I am no longer its owner despite me contacting them when I was the registered owner?

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Trademarks are specific use cases, and you can have multiple use cases for the same Trademark. There are hundreds of trademarks for the word "Apple", and Apple computers is not going to win a lawsuit against Apple Air Conditioning because it's unrelated.

I wouldn't have dropped it and I wouldn't have contacted them.

Outbound is rarely a good idea unless it is a perfect fit. Even still, you have less leverage than if you wait till the buyer reaches out. Don't recommend it unless you have a single word domain that is highly sought after, and you are an expert at outbound sales.
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