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Ultra Premium Domain Name. One of the most popular and most valuable word.

Registered in 433 extensions. With average sales price of $20,000.

I want this to be in Domainers portfolio. Better for me than selling it cheap to an end user.

Starting Bid: $30.
Increments: $1.

Expires: 22/12/2021.

Registrar: Epik.

Renewal: 20.

BIN: TBA. (Place your bid to be notified when BIN is added)

Payment: Dan, Epik, Crypto.

Transfer: Push/Auth code.

Note: Auction ends 24hrs after the last bid or when BIN is claimed. If your account is new and you're interested in this name, send me a DM. I reserve the right to reject questionable bids and bids from users whom I've had bad experience with.
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