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if a domain name has: come, gate, yet, mona, mai, demo, topic.... and another a dictionary word or name of a geographical place It would still be considered a trademark?
Interesting question. You can see some answers to this by going to the uspto.gov/trademarks website There are various live trademark examples of the combination of some of those first words and another dictionary word. In terms of geographical terms being combined, I'm not seeing that, but that doesn't mean that it couldn't be added.
Is your interest to establish a trademark using those combinations?
Much more information is available on the USPTO website about trademarks, including videos online.

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I think if a domain name contains: come, gate, yet, Mona, Mai, demo, topic.... The other is the names of words or geographical locations in the dictionary, they will not be considered infringement in the majority of cases.
Even if the domain name is exactly the same as the prefix of existing well-known websites, of course, some special self created words are excluded.
just imo.
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