A Domainer Inspired Social Network - #DomainName=#Username

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I believe that the internet is too slow and I have a model for a Social Network that includes an algorithm that I call the #MagicWardrobeAlgorithm that allows faster speeds by increasing the quality of communication on the internet.

At the moment, Elon Musk is aiming to charge people $8/month to verify users as a way to combat the emerging fraud risks by fake accounts. I have another idea for my social network which is to make a social network where your domain name is your username. This means that those people who refuse to pay for a domain name won't be part of the network and there will be a lot less fake accounts. This also means the quality of users on the social network is high and so there is a better chance of emerging trade opportunities between users.

I have also thought of the idea that the social network is hosted through the subdomains of the users domain names. To me, this way of building a social network through domain names combats fraud, increases the marketplace for domain names and helps build an entrepreneurial culture in the social network. I think that using domain names as usernames in social networks is the best way to fight the emerging fraud from fake accounts that is plaguing social networks.

I also believe that I will create the fastest social network in the world either by creating a new social network or help existing social networks upgrade their infrastructure. I believe that my mathematics is unique and powerful. I will be advocating using domain names as usernames as I believe that it is a sad truth that millions of young people waste their time by building social media identities and not investing the small cost of a domain name to ensure the longevity of their work maximises profit.

I believe that we need an entrepreneurial culture on the internet to help businesses grow and provide incomes for families and I think that by using domain names as usernames on social media as a way to combat fraud will help.
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