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    Hi guys

    I decided to start this topic to gather some information together, I've doing names for 2-3 years with little success but the thing is that I still cannot understand one point, except top quality names which are not available to must of us like car.com red.com, wallet.com etc. what would you say determines a sale over $1,000? or at least a sale worth $500, hence I have a few questions:

    1. What do you think is the key point why buyer would pay $500-1000 + for your name, would that be a strategic decision to protect industry top keyword/term/product or would that be an upgrade from any other extension to .com or anything else? ( I know it's kind of stupid question but what is more probable I mean in this case )

    2. Why there is a significant difference between two people selling geo domains one will get $150 at max and some other will push for $350-500 and will also close at this amount, is this because of negotiating skills, and not showing desperation

    3. Would you say that becauese of the COVID situation worldwide, selling will never happen as it happened before, at least what I mean here : do you think that businesses working remotely from home/office will be the only ones interested in acquiring names, as for example before there were many other jobs that would have been interested in particular domains but since the situation changed they for example cannot visit their clients anymore or do it ocassionally - so these industries will lose lots of their potential customers, if you cannot visit anyone or people are afrraid you visit them, you cannot do much interior design or something like that

    4. Finally do you think that there is anything else that determines potential 'Buy now' click, I read many opinions and I remember I saw a topic here where someone said that sending for examplel DAN.com buy now link in initial email resulted in a sale, while not sending it resulted in 0 replies, but will sending DAN.com link to direct purchase, won't be blocked by many email providers and threated like a spam or dangerous email from a stranger?

    5. You know that you are bit in advance if you were born in english speaking countries as a native speaker as you have a natural instinct in english, you can think in english and play with words so that may be another reason why so many big sales happen.

    6. Would you say that selling a domain to someone who is familiar with domains is easier or worse than selling to someone who doesn't care about a domain, I mean if you contact IT guy he may know the value and be interested, he can also refuse to pay you $1k as he will say that the domain has no stats on it and is just registered, but when emailing someone who runs a business and basically likes your name, maybe that person is willing to spend more than any other potential buyer?

    7. Out of the subject, why for example .app would be a valuable extension and why so many sales in this extension, for an average dude he won't even notice your BIG acquisition like wedding.app, because if you have a site called wedding.com already he either uses your site or downloads app from google market or ios market, so why would someone pay so big money for that extension if it's so diffucult to use it

    Feel free to comment on any of the above points, so perhaps it will help me and many other people achieve some better results now and in the future, big thanks for your contribution!
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    Wow lotta questions. It’s pretty simplistic to say the answer to all the questions is— it’s all about the names. But it pretty much is. If I did not have a sale or offers for 2-3 years I would reevaluate entire portfolio.

    This is an obviously out of the ordinary year so some may be having different results than in a normal year. I think Covid in the long term and short terms strengthens certain particular niches. Post pandemic work life may be different for many with remote jobs being equal to physical jobs eventually . It was allready slowly moving that way- this is likely to just speed that up.

    Show your portfolio to a trusted knowledgeable domainer if you need help assessing it.

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