7 ways to sell domain names from a broker

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    I was just browsing through Domain Name Wire and happened to strike upon this podcast with a broker Hobi Michalec from Lumis.

    Here are the takeaways from the podcast:

    3 factors: Price, time and quality!!

    #1: Landing Page
    #2: Maximum exposure. Put if everywhere
    #3: Articulate the interest you receive. Communicate with the broker about a particular buyer who have inquired.
    #4: Grow leverage and maintain your network of buyers. Grow your network
    #5: Find leads(Who, LinkedIN, CrunchBase, DuckDuckGo, other search engines). Try the images search as well.
    #6: Don't over-rely on emails. Pick up a phone
    #7: Follow up. And automate this!

    You can hear the complete podcast here.

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