7 Common Pitfalls of Domain Leasing

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    Hang around long enough in domain investing, and you’ll likely discover and maybe even venture down the path of domain leasing as a lessor or lessee.

    While most people are familiar with leasing vehicles, equipment, and physical real estate, leasing domain names can come as a surprise to many.

    Synonymous with renting a domain, leasing a domain is quite a viable option when wanting to test an a vetted idea using a lucrative domain, or a bit strapped for cash and not able to outright purchase a given domain.

    But as lucrative as domain leasing sounds — whether lessor or lessee — there are many opportunities that could derail a domain lease agreement when parties fail to address key components and tenets of agreement.

    Listen to the latest podcast episode with Escrow’s Brian Tharp (@Brian Tharp), and learn about and how to address 7 common pitfalls of domain leasing.
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    Thanks for guiding regarding this.
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    Nice interview.
    We published a similar offer here for GR, the base domain [the www and the GR]
    in fact we give $500 monthly to any broker, domainer that will nail the deal. The commission is for as long as the deal will close. For the protection of the registrant 10-20 years is normal. Usually this is for a stable marketing plan. The registrant usually wants to be certain that will not be any issue for a domain of this caliber that will start to promote.

    I don't use the word "lease" because it's only for the base domain not the whole domain
    Any DNS settings work for the domain too, like MX, A.....
    For those who don't know what we do, we offer sublevel domains together with the superb management of CentralNic

    The offer title is "$500 True Recurring Monthly Income for the next 10-20 years for just ONE of you for 1 task, 1 time" - Check the signature link for the actual page

    We can post the same offer in the forum, even we're not sure which is the right forum section
    It's not sale, just an offer announcement
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    This could be messy for a company if they'd decide to lease gr/com with so many existing subdomains and anyone able to register new one.

    Imagine, a company doing business on it, and someone regging sales./gr./com and sending emails from [email protected]/gr./com to people with virus or unsolicited offers or obtaining confidential info. It would certainly look legitimate to recipient.

    Once you decided to engage in selling subdomains on this (I know it seemed like great idea at the time), I believe there is not much to be done to unlock the full potential of this GR/eat name anymore, unless maybe there is a way to withdraw from subdomain business (no one actively using, maybe?).
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    You post some good points.
    We receive complaints and phishing attempts from people that try to create for example a similar name with a bank (in Greece for example which is very similar and their cctld is

    All the attemps are handled from the appropriate department and all these domains are blocked from further usage.

    We don't have a problem as you described it above but somehow different.

    We spoke for example with a CEO of a multi million company that is very popular
    The site is two words each one starting with G and R (that would be a great candidate for our offer too)

    He didn't have a problem with the way of operation or the other existing (sub)domains or the price that he quoted he finds it cheap for this domain. He wanted to have complete control over the domain.
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    Man you guys are making me so happy to have come back to the site after being AWOL for 4 years. I forgot about the forum since I spent the last 4 years going back to college and working full time I had no time for any hobby or side gig. Great content and good insights.

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