60-Day lock: Ideas, questions and discussion

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    1 - Registrars have a choice
    I am sure many of you may agree that the 60-day lock for domain transfers imposed by registrars is usually an obstacle for domain sales. Although ICANN asks registrars to impose locks or safeguard to domain transfers, it does not require them, as far as I have found, to impose the 60-day in 100% of the cases. The registrars have the prerogative of allowing the registrant to transfer the domain within the 60-day lock.


    2 - A few questions and ideas
    a) Have you ever lost a sale due to the 60-day lock? Yes, I know, in most cases, a push is fine. But there are end-users who strongly prefer to use their registrar of choice.

    b) If a registrar that does not allow you to opt out of the 60-day lock imposes a fee ($25, $50, etc.) for early transfer, would you pay it?

    c) Do you think the 60-day lock make sense? It is supposedly a safeguard to prevent unauthorized transfer or domain theft. But, is it really needed? Wouldn't it be better to imposed an ID verification during early transfer at the moment the registrant decides to transfer early?
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    Ask ICANNT to discuss it at ICANN 72.

    Dont forget the 5-7 day no expedite transfers.

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    I've never lost a sale due to the 60-day lock. So it doesn't really matter to me.

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