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Not only did the Cowboys win their season opening game against the Giants this past weekend, but they also went viral after game-goers began to share fan pictures that would put an ordinary autograph to shame.


Click here to see it in action!

The thousands of retweets and Reddit upvotes didn't lie - AT&T Stadium's newest photo booths, creatively dubbed "Pose With The Pros", were an intriguing hit (and you can bet other pro sports venues were taking notes).

AT&T wrote about their new fan experience here, explaining how they're using 5G technology and Augmented Reality to reinvent the live sports experience.

I know the future when I see it! My prediction is that not only will other sports entities get in on this, but ultimately, entertainers and other celebrities will also buy into some form of high quality AR photography that will allow their fans to walk away from their performances/appearances with lifelike keepsakes that will make friends and family do a double-take.

This new technology has actually been discussed by a few notable publications since 2017, but it seems as if domainers haven't had it on their radar because I was able to register some killer relevant domain names. Like, really relevant (for example, ARSportsTech.com and 5gFanExperiences.com, which is actually an exact match description in related articles).

In my opinion, sports technology is always coming out with coolest visuals, whether they're analytical or marketing related. I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Chime in and post your thoughts. Do you think domains in this category are valuable?
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