5 Marketplaces to List Your Premium .IN Domain Names

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    Indian ccTLDs are one of the emerging domain extensions in the domain world, used by startups and businesses to attract more users from India - home of 1.3 billion people! The ccTLDs like .IN and .CO.IN are mostly used domain names in India, however we could see other extensions like.ORG.IN, .IND.IN is being registered by business owners since premium domain names were already registered on .IN or .CO.IN.

    Here are the marketplaces you can use to buy or sell premium .IN domain names.

    DaaZ is an emerging marketplace in the domain industry that reported many .in sales on Namebio. They charge the seller a 7% success fee for inbound sales and 5% for using DaaZ secure option to add your leads. DaaZ is now offering a Lease to Own feature for buyers to split their payment in multiple months and own the domain name once the whole payment completes.

    Sedo is the leading domain name marketplaces for every extension including .in domain names. They offer domain registration, auction, appraisal, and parking services on their platform. They charge a fee of 15% of the gross selling via their marketplace and 20% for sales via SedoMLS partner platforms.

    DAN is a trendsetter in the domain industry with a beautiful landing page and analytic dashboard for sellers. They charge 9% (excluding VAT) on every sale through their marketplace and you can add leads via the dashboard to use escrow service.

    Epik is a one-stop platform for domain registration, hosting, backorder, escrow, marketplace, and more. Epik is another good platform to list .IN domain names. They charge a 9% fee for domains registered with Epik and a 10% fee for domains that are with other registrars. The domains registered with Epik have rental and financing payment options in their marketplace. is a dedicated marketplace for premium .in digital assets. This platform is a new entry in this segment that helps buyers to connect with owners of premium .IN domain names to acquire for their new ventures. They use third-party escrow services for the smooth transfer of domain names between buyer and seller.

    Feel free to share your experience on above marketplaces and add on if I miss any.
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