4 and 5 character domain names still available...

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    84 pretty much "any" 4 character .com domain name valuable at this point? I found a small pool of CCCN's available while looking for 5 character domain names. New at looking into domain names, so I was surprised to find 4 character "anything" for that matter still available to register. Did I just get that lucky or is this common when you start mixing in a number to 3 letter combinations?

    Also I am finding a lot of 5 character domain names still available. Is this also common to be able to find plenty of 5 character domain names with no numbers in it?
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  2. iw777

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    I thought I was getting lucky when i found a 4 character .com domain was available, searching the value of this domain I found out that there are still a lot of 4 character .com domain available and ready to be register.

    i haven't found any but I am sure if I keep trying or I build a scrip I may be able to find something at some point.

  3. NYJimbo

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    Expired domains list shows "Deleted .com Domains (About 8,202 Domains)" when searching for any combo letters and numbers (but no hyphens) for past 30 days. But searching for LLLL or NNNN comes up empty.

    Think about that.
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