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MAG 2007 Summit
Dates: Wednesday 14 February 2007
Location: Barcelo Sants Hotel, Barcelona
Source: MAG event
Host: Wireless Developer Forum
Time: 08:30 - 13:00 hrs
Venue: Barcelo Sants Hotel, Pl. Paisos Catalans, s/n Estacio de Sants, Barcelona

The dotMobi Advisory Group 2007 Summit will provide all mobile, IT and media companies with insights to the innovative and new revenue-generating opportunities enabled by .mobi domains.

As the global trust mark for 'Internet Made Mobile', dotMobi has registered over 350,000+ .mobi domains and is empowering global businesses of all shapes and sizes to capitalise on the nascent mobile Internet economy. During the sessions, hot convergence topics such as mobile web, email, search, advertising, payment and location services will be featured addressing how .mobi domains will enable the next generation of consumer-friendly mobile Internet services world wide.



Despite what participants claim are two successful trials of mobile TV in the UK, no more commercial launches for the service are planned.

At the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona yesterday, Qualcomm and Sky released the results of their second square-eyed dalliance. Meanwhile IPWireless and its operator buddies including 3 and Orange revealed the completion of their Bristol-based experiment.

Sky carried out a technical trial of Qualcomm's MediaFLO standard in Manchester following a similar pilot of the tech last year in Cambridge.

dotmobi becomes for the mobile internet what hdtv is for televsion.



10 mobile trends: Should you care?



Vodafone in Microsoft and Yahoo! pact

Following deals with eBay, Google and MySpace, Vodafone has something to shout about with other buddies - this time, it's signed deals with Microsoft and Yahoo!.

Vodafone CMO Frank Rövekamp told delegates at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona: "We are planning a whole range of products co-developed with Microsoft and later Yahoo!."
The news came as Vodafone announced an agreement to offer a joint instant messaging service with the pair.



Vodafone CEO: Mobile must move it or lose it

Speaking today at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Vodafone CEO Arun Sarin warned operators to move more quickly or find themselves nudged out of their own industry by new entrants.


Dot-mobi directory coming soon
(scroll to bottom of webpage to see neil edwards videos)


3GSM: DotMobi strengthens mobile web with new products
Posted by Maggie Holland at 8:14AM, Monday 12th February 2007
3GSM World Congress kicks off in Barcelona today, so IT PRO spoke to dotMobi's chief executive Neil Edwards to get a flavour of what lies ahead for the mobile internet.

DotMobi plans to use this week's 3GSM conference in Barcelona to prove that it is more than just a domain registry by announcing a set of tools and certification standards to ease mobile website creation.

To date it boasts 130 partners worldwide and 375,000 registered names and this figure looks set to rise rapidly, according to Edwards.

"We're ahead of plan and content is coming along behind all of the names," he said.

"We're signing up one thousand customers a day at the moment and hope to have one million customers by the end of the summer."

To increase the proliferation of mobile sites and assure quality content, dotMobi has launched a premium names application process for four domain names: news.mobi, ringtones.mobi, sports.mobi and weather.mobi.

It is currently in the request for proposal (RFP) phase and is accepting applications until February 16.


3GSM: IM, mobile internet and location-based services top trends so far
Posted by Nicole Kobie at 6:15PM, Wednesday 14th February 2007
Quocirca analyst cuts through the hype for a preview on developments at the Barcelona conference.

With the constant deluge of product, services and deal announcements coming from the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, it's sometimes hard to discern what's actually new and useful.


Mobile internet just coming to life says .mobi
Posted by Maggie Holland at 10:11AM, Wednesday 9th August 2006
Domain registry mTLD says mobile browsing will outpace PC-based surfing in the next five years

Despite the current state of mobile browsing, the market is set to explode and more users will access the Internet using mobile devices than PCs by 2011.


Symbian boss predicts the death of the desktop
Posted by Guy Matthews at 11:18AM, Wednesday 18th October 2006
Not altogether unsurprising prediction as the Smartphone show opens in London

"I don't know if I'd go as far as to predict the death of the PC," said Wendy Holloway, association manager of the dotMobi Advisory Group, speaking at the event to IT Pro.

"Our research says that for every PC now owned, there are four mobile phones in the world. But I see PCs and smart mobile devices co-existing for a long time."

She said the .mobi domain will be accessible from both standard PCs as well as smartphones, helping to prolong the life of the PC.



3GSM: Cutting mobile taxes boosts growth
Posted by Reuters at 5:58PM, Wednesday 14th February 2007
Developing countries could boost economic growth by enouraging mobile usage through lower levies, research shows.

3GSM: Customer info is king when its comes to mobile ad money
Posted by Maggie Holland at 12:35PM, Thursday 15th February 2007
Operators need to make more effective use of customer data if they want to make money out of the mobile ad revolution says Analysys.


mTLD is proud to have participated in the 3GSM World Conference in Barcelona 13-16 Feb 2006
Per 3GSM’s press release, “Final attendance figures for 3GSM World Congress 2006 - in its inaugural year in Barcelona – confirm the event as the biggest mobile show on Earth. An audited total attendance of 50,000* visitors converged on the Fira de Barcelona conference and exhibition centre from across the global mobile industry to do business in a decisive year for new multimedia services and growing markets.”



is it a coincidence or is there something going on(in a positive way):

(Global 3gsm world congress conference
360 CEO's
3-4 days
main wirless show globally
1 hour meetings
for the next 12 months
12-15th feb)

and dot mob decide to hold their first rfr process for the 4 premiums names on the 17thfeb following this!

anyway enjoy:

dotMobi, the company behind the first and only Internet address designed specifically for mobile phones, today announced that Roundpoint has chosen .mobi as ...


dotmobi Partners with Telcom Italia Mobile tja

Thu, 15 Feb 2007 18:08:00 GMT - Makes them the first mobile operator in the world to sell .mobi domains exclusively to customers. dotMobi, the official registry for the .mobi domains, on February 12th, 2007, announced an exclusive partnership with (TIM), making them an official


Dot-mobi directory coming soon
Cataloguing the mobile web...

By Tim Ferguson

Published: Wednesday 14 February 2007

A directory of online mobile content is to be launched this year by dotMobi, the organisation behind the new mobile-specific dot-mobi domain name.

Part of dotMobi's efforts to drive mobile content, the directory will allow users to search for and use mobile content from across the web - including dot-com and WAP sites as well as dot-mobi sites.

The directory will hold information about mobile content such as domain name, owner (including address and contact details) as well as technical information such as file type and size. The content will also be rated on how suitable it is for download to a mobile device.

In addition, dotMobi will offer several subscription services in conjunction with the directory, including a monthly update service to reveal mobile trends and allow organisations to see where mobile content is having the greatest impact.



Useful" .mobi site finally found

Adult chatting up game for mobile geeks

By Tony Dennis in Barcelona: Wednesday 14 February 2007, 10:37

QUITE TYPICALLY IT'S taken an adult application to make creating a .mobi based site – worthwhile. Point your handset at the site and you should be able to watch the video with no problems, if you must.


Turkey mobile boom will continue

With more than 50 million mobile phones in the market, Turkey is by far the largest wireless network in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Among these 50 million phones, there are more than 30 million java compatible models, making the country very attractive for new generation mobile applications.

Turkey’s young subscriber base is the 6th largest in the world with more than 11 million subscribers under the age of 25. Additionally, according to a research done by Ericsson, 81 percent of the Turks send at least one SMS message per month.

The market in Turkey is yet to grow. with the acquisition of Telsim (second largest GSM operator) by Vodafone, the competition will peak in 2007. There are currently three operators in Turkey, Turkcell with more than 60 percent market share, followed by Telsim-Vodafone with 25 percent and Avea has 15 percent market share.

2007 will be a great year for Turkish mobile market, the economy grew consecutively in the last 24 quarters and the mobile phone sales boomed in the last few years. There is growing interest in mobile marketing.

Mobile community services and other type of applications are getting popular as well. Recently a java based mobile betting application launched by Pozitron (www.pozitron.com) reached a number of 60,000 users in 12 months. This application might be the widest distributed java based mobile betting application in the world.

There is also a significant growth in the SMS usage, falling prices due to competition has increased the talking duration of an average mobile user as well.

Including the above facts and the latest trends, Turkey seems to be becoming one of the most attractive mobile markets in the world. A fine place for new actors & investors.

Although the new suffix makes perfect sense for British babblers (who call their phones ‘mobiles’),
(very old article)
Other artciles confirming:Telecom Italia Goes Mobile With dotMobi:
Roundpoint has chosen .mobi as the mobile parent domain for Cerkle [10-Feb-07 21:35]

Cerkle Enlists .mobi for Social Networking Domain [8-Feb-07 19:38]

Telecom Italia Goes Mobile With dotMobi [12-Feb-07 12:08]

Telecom Italia Goes Mobile With dotMobi
Monday February 12, 4:15 am ET
- First mobile operator in the world to sell .mobi domains to customers
- New 2007 offering allows businesses to 'go mobile'
- Extending new offerings to subscribers through tim.mobi and alice.mobi

Tim.mobi is compliant with dotMobi's style guides, which offer best practices for content developers and service providers to ensure web sites can be accessed by any mobile phone.

"The simplicity and usability of dotMobi's standards enables businesses to easily extend their reach. We are delighted to be offering our customers this unique opportunity," said Gaetano Liggieri, Head of Business Innovation and Technical Solutions, TIM.

dotMobi will exhibit at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona in Hall 7, Stand 7B62.



Pop Superstar Wei Wei is First to Make Music Downloads Available Directly to Consumers Using a .Mobi Web Site
Monday February 12, 4:15 am ET
China's Wei Wei aims for one billion song downloads via mobile by 2008
New album premiers exclusively on http://weiwei.mobi mobile web site

DUBLIN, Ireland and WASHINGTON, Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- dotMobi, the company behind the first and only Internet address designed specifically for mobile phones, today announced that China's biggest music star, Wei Wei, has launched http://weiwei.mobi as the sole channel for the global debut of her new album.

dotMobi to Launch Mobile Site Building Tool
Furthering 'Go Mobile!' global campaign, tool will help consumers and small businesses to easily develop .mobi compliant sites

By: PR Newswire
Feb. 7, 2007 02:00 PM
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DUBLIN, Ireland and WASHINGTON, Feb. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- dotMobi, company behind the first and only Internet address designed specifically for mobile phones, today announced a partnership with Akmin Technologies (http://akmin.mobi/) to publish the .mobi Site Builder, a tool to be made available exclusively to .mobi registrars around the world.

dotMobi Names Mobile Industry Veteran James Pearce as VP of Technology
Feb 06, 2007 | Inside: Industry

Pearce brings more than a decade’s experience in the mobile technology sector to dotMobi, where he will focus on equipping developers with useful information and tools to enable them to create quality mobile Internet sites with ease. Additionally, Pearce is responsible for dotMobi product and technology roadmaps, domain name technologies, content tools, the company’s developer community and applicable open standards.


Windows Mobile 6 to debut at 3GSM



3GSM: Wednesday is dotMobi day in Barcelona

Boasting of having registered "over 350,000 plus .mobi domains" the Advisory Group promises to "provide all mobile, IT and media companies with insights to the innovative and new revenue-generating opportunities enabled by .mobi domains."

Fortunately, the agenda is rather longer than that. It will, apparently, cover "hot" topics such as mobile web, email, search, advertising, payment and location services.

The Agenda:
08:00 Refreshments and Registration
Content is key for mobile industry (FT.com via Yahoo! News) View Article
Mon, 12 Feb 2007 00:45:22 GMT


Leaders of telecoms, media and technology companies are gathered this week in Barcelona for the mobile industry's biggest event of the year.

Among the 60,000 visitors and 1,300 exhibitors at the 3GSM World Congress will be heavyweight keynote speakers such as Vodafone's Arun Sarin and Carl-Eric Svanberg of Ericsson.

<<read full article in above url>>


You can access MySpace and Facebook via any mobile phone from either Guys Gone Mobi at http://a1r.mobi/Commune.html or Girls Gone Mobi at http://a1r.mobi/me/Friends.html

In a bid to improve access to materials data, Victrex has launched Victrex.mobi, an 'on-the-go' version of its website designed specifically for PDAs and handheld devices. As part of Victrex' strategy to continually innovate in all areas of the company, Victrex.mobi is the first of its kind to hit the global materials market. Victrex Peek polymer and Vicote Coatings, along with company and application data, are featured on the site.


Vodafone puts YouTube on mobile
09 February 2007
email: [email protected]. Latest news:- € 100 Million EuroMillions ... Sun 04 Feb 2007 - 10.30am Number 50 is the most frequently drawn number. ...


wolrd intellectual property oragnization




Let your Mobile be your Guide… visit 3gsm.mobi, the show guide on your phone
Roundpoint and GSMA have collaborated to provide a mobile guide for attendees - 3gsm.mobi.
Full details of all exhibitors' stand locations are available from your mobile as well as the latest Show News, Press Releases and an Exhibition Map, an integrated web search from MCN and details of restaurants to help you plan your entertainment. Available to all phones on all networks, the guide will be updated throughout the show, providing the most convenient way of finding out what’s going on.

February 09, 2007


dotmobi Switch On! WebBrowsing Guide

Version0.5Revision3StatusConsultativeDate3-Feb-2006EditorsRonanCreminJo Rabin


Why .mobi may just succeed

When you look at the top-level domain extensions .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .ca, etc. there is no need for a company to develop more then one of these extensions. In fact, with only a few exceptions, it would be counter-productive from a marketing and advertising standpoint to develop multiple PDE’s. (The sole exception to this would be CCTLD’s and we will discuss that in a future post.)

We all know that the homepage for Pepsi is http://www.pepsi.com/ - their PDE. There is no reason for Pepsi to develop and market pepsi.net, pepsi.info or pepsi.biz and it would create confusion if they did so.

However, it does make sense for Pepsi to develop a .mobi site because .mobi appears to represent more than a domain extension, it appears represent new platform and technology for accessing the internet.

“Pepsi.mobi - The Site for New Generation” (my own tagline) will make sense to the next generation of active consumers who have grown-up with MySpace, instant messaging, and text messaging and are using mobile technology more then ever.

Because it is the only extension for this platform one would expect companies to embrace the extension similar to .com in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Besides www.bmw.mobi, check-out www.businessweek.mobi, or www.weather.mobi

2. As large companies promote their .mobi sites this TLD will gain awareness and acceptance that no other extension has had since - well .com? That is the key word - acceptance, meaning it is second-nature to go to a .mobi site when logging onto the web. Remember, no longer does logging onto the web mean using a computer. More and more it means using mobile technology.

3. There will be multiple companies competing for the .mobi extensions of the PDE they already own. It is simple supply and demand because it makes sense for almost any company with a PDE to develop the .mobi extension. This should help the secondary market for generic .mobi’s.

Let’s look at another example. www.heat.com is the online home of the NBA’s Miami Heat, but “heat” is a generic word having nothing to do with basketball. It would make no sense for the Miami Heat to develop and promote the .net, .info, or .biz extensions because their PDE is so widely recognized.

However, it would make sense for a heating and air conditioning company in Arizona to develop and advertise/market www.heat.biz or www.heat.info as their PDE.
What does this have to do with .mobi? It is the one and only domain extension that makes sense for all companies with an existing PDE to develop and promote - regardless what top level domain extension their PDE is.

It would make sense for the Miami Heat to develop www.heat.mobi as a site for Heat fans on the go to get the latest score, player transactions, etc.

26 January 2007

ICANN Opens Public Comment Period on ICANN Fee Amendment from .MOBI

On 16 January 2007, ICANN's Board of Directors approved the posting for public comment of an amendment proposed by mTLD to the .MOBI Registry Agreement (see http://www.icann.org/minutes/prelim-report-16jan07.htm). If approved by the ICANN Board, the amendment would change the amount of fees paid by mTLD to ICANN.


mobi and IDNs
Posted by Gavin Brown on Monday, 04 December 2006 at 14:42 (Link)
Yesterday I had an interesting discussion with someone from .mobi about the use of IDNs on mobile devices. I had assumed that the traditional numeric keypad, which is not a particularly good interface for writing text in English, would be a lot harder to use in Chinese or Japanese. Surely then IDN .mobi domains would be really hard to use? Apparently not. Chinese and Japanese users apparently use a gesture-like system to generate characters that means that they can compose text in their language much more quickly than I can in English. That makes IDNs under .mobi a much more useful proposition to them.


Who will own GSMA.mobi? - demos of the new dot-mobi loom at 3GSM Barcelona



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