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available 28 x Available Cheap Domains - Once part of a 300K Portfolio



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Last year, Can’t believe we are writing that already… We shared a post about coincidentally 28 x Cheap Keyword domains that dropped from this large domain name portfolio, well fast forward a week and we can see another 28 x Keyword Cheap Domains that have expired and dropped…

These domain names were once part of a portfolio that contained nearly 300,000 Dot Com domains registered since early 2000’s – This list below of 28 x Expired and Available Dot Com Domains, have been registered since 2004 and each one has potential to earn money either by being flipped or easily developed using Amazon or eBay affiliate programs to earn good dollars, while SEO is still a hard game a number of these domains below will get direct type in traffic…

All of the domain names below contain the keyword “Cheap” a popular term

I am sharing the full list but I have my eye on a couple that if aren’t snagged by one of our readers, will be our portfolio within the next 24 hours, The links below will take you to GoDaddy whom are one of our affiliate partners, while it won’t cost you a cent more we will be paid a tiny commission on any sale you make with them, Affiliate links are what pays for the time on this blog and they really help keep it going so if you are considering registering any of the domain names below.

I would ask you consider using our links, if GoDaddy isn’t your registrar of choice we also work with and and if you click either of these links here for DynaDot or NameCheap we would appreciate that and thank you for your support of Robbies Blog.

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