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New to this world, but I have a few domains I've gathered that I am looking to sell. I have a couple questions for anyone willing to help:

1.) I'm interested in online anonymity if possible, but it appears that upon sign up websites like Dan and Afternic etc. require full name and addresses etc. Is it standard to have that kind of identity transparency on those websites? Is everyone's ID legit and open on there?

2.) I've got about 18 domains, and interested in selling them all eventually. Do you recommend me list all names in a single post or each name in it's own separate post?



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1. Of course it is legit for them to ask who you are and also they need your name, last name, country and address of residency and bank account details to send you money if something is sold. But this info is not exposed to the public, clients don't see it.

2. What do you mean by ''list in a single post''? Here on NamePros? ''Sell'' section. But don't hold your breath, if you are a newbie and picked up a few hand-regged, chances are zero to none someone will buy it here. If you bought some on DropCatch for few hundreds - chances are significantly higher ))

Good luck!
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1. KYC is compulsory on those websites. It is however not visible to the public except your buyers who see the basic details on payment invoice.

2. If you have domains for sales, list them on the popular marketplaces like Sedo, Afternic, and Dan. You can decide for yourself which one would be best as landing page. To sell on Namepros, I'd advise you first go through the marketplace rules first before attempting to liquidate your domain here.
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