2-Letter .COM Domains - What Do You Want to Know About Them?

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    Hello NP!

    I'm writing a blog post about 2-letter .com domain names. I'll include statistics and analysis on them.

    I also wonder what the domain community wants to know about them. Please share your questions, and I'll include the answers in my blog post if I can.

    Thank you. :glasses:
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    Thank you.
    Last year I found this interesting site I guess .com fans will like it.:whistle:

    About "Two Letter" Domains
    Domains have many secrets ....
    Many are worthless, many are worth a little, some are worth a lot
    and few are worth milllions and millions of Dollars ...
    The biggest domain transaction, like the one for,
    where Liverpool Victoria bet Louis Vuitton,
    or the one for, where British Airways bet Bank of America
    remain confidential ...
    According to Bill Gates, there is no other Real Estate that goes up in value as fast.

    The first Domain was registered March 15 1985
    The 100th one Nov 30 1987
    the 2,000,000th one May 4 1998
    and the 86.946.704th one May 1 2010
    the 100.000.000th one will be registered by xx xx 2014
    Domain Timeline

    There are almost no One Letter Domains:
    December 2 1993, at a time when the web was being formed Dr Jon Postel registered
    all still available 23 single letter Domains
    and assigned them to Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (
    3 domains were already registered: owned by Qwest, owned by Pay Pal
    and owned by Nissan - these domains from
    the very early days of the internet (and before the web) remain in the hands of
    their historic owners.

    While there are only 676 possible Two Letter Domains
    there are 17,576 possible Three Letter Domains,
    456,976 possible Four Letter Domains
    11,881,376 possible Five Letter Domains,
    308,915,776 possible Six Letter Domains
    and 8,036,810,176 possible Seven Letter Domains.

    Only .com Domains enjoy International Prestige and World Wide Recognicion ...
    a Brand without .com is not a Brand ....

    and even though Two Letter Domains exist with other extensions like .net or .org
    they have no significant branding value ... it is not without reasons
    that LG Group, one of the World´s largest Consumer Electronic Firms
    and owner of spend a very important amount in February 2009
    to buy the missing
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